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Waterwheel Baby Faucet & Toys

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Color: Black
  • These are GREAT ANIMALS to play with or when the baby is bathing, children can play with these cute animals. This is a great gift for you to give your child.
  • The product is made of GOOD PLASTIC, durable, safe and environmentally friendly. Products have BRIGHT colors, suitable for children's age, which makes children enjoy. Products look good, children can learn the names of animals through this toy.
  • These toys are CONVENIENT, they are light, you can carry them out to play or bathing, this will make the child enjoy.
  • GUARANTEE: Excellent quality, providing customers with satisfactory service. if decorating Action figure doest exceed your expectations and feel disappointed with your choice, we guarantee to give your money back instantly, without any hassle.
  • Educational and funny. ADORABLEstyle with bright color easy to get kid's attention, great bath toys for kids.
  • Research has proved that playing with water can promote the INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT and physical development of babies. Toys can not only promote the growth and development of babies, but also a good toy for parent-child interaction. Parents and mothers can play with their babies and have close parent-child interaction.
  • They can also help improve their babies PHYSICAL COORDINATION, musculoskeletal development, natural perception, behavioral recognition, and other abilities.
  • You can also try to let your baby tell INTERESTING STORIES about what is happening to these budding animals, enhance situational awareness and language skills so that they can become children's playmates.
  • The toys are also applying for various Scene, for the sand beach, sandbox, bathtub, pool, yard or park.