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4Pcs Light Up Baby Bath Toys Dolphin

  • The bath dolphin toys light up brightly and slowly that your kids love to playing with them during bath time for more fun. Turn off the lights in the bathroom and them bright enough to light up the bathtub.
  • Light principle: the bottom of the dolphin has two electrode contacts, with the skin or water to do the conductor, the internal light module will be colorful flashing. So whether in water or in hands, it will be Flashing but not dazzling.
  • Product selection of energy-saving button battery.Can keep a long time flashing. If you want to change the battery, it is necessary to destroy the sealant layer. Remove the module, after the change, can be self-coating glue
  • Baby bathing, the dolphin floating on the water, it is full of fun. The shiny dolphin could be the best bathing friend for baby.