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Plush Stuffed Lobster Shape Pillow & Toy

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If you are a lobster fan (or someone who likes to experiment with offbeat stuff) then you are in for a treat with this product. Did you ever imagine a pillow (doubles as a toy) in the shape of a lobster? Now your liking for a lobster would go beyond just how it tastes -- you'd have the opportunity to use it as a pillow, or flaunt it in your living room. It is a piece of an item your kids would love too and probably would share your love of lobsters when they grow up! Oh yeah and all the compliments you'd get for this unique item are an added bonus!

  • BEAUTIFUL AND COZY - It is an extremely beautiful pillow in the shape of a Lobster and can be used both as a pillow and as a toy for your kid. It is made of extremely soft material and has a very high-quality cotton fillings
  • USE AS A PILLOW OR A TOY - Whether you want to use it as a pillow, or your kid wants to play with it as a toy, it would serve both purposes. It will bring a broad smile on the face of your kid
  • A DECORATIVE ITEM FOR YOUR LIVING ROOM - Maybe not a pillow or not a toy, you might just want to use it to add style to your couch or sofa and you'd get tons of attention and compliments